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Customer Terms & Conditions of Carriage

Crest Couriers operates and accepts goods for carriage only in accordance with conditions set forth below. By using our service, you hereby acknowledge and agree that you have fully read and understood these Terms and Conditions of the Service with all the applicable laws and regulations. It is to be noted that the Terms and Conditions can't be altered in any way unless permitted by an authorized representative in writing. You must not use our service if you disagree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions of Service.

  1. Definitions of Terms used in this section
  2. "Customer" refers to a person, firm, or company that contracts with the Carrier to avail its services.

    "Carrier" refers to the service provider responsible for transporting your goods. In this case, Crest Couriers.

    "Consignee" refers to the recipient to whom the goods are intended to be delivered to. "Consignment" refers to the goods that the Customer asks to get delivered from one address to another. It can be a single item, bulk items, or a number of separate items sent in one load to be delivered to the Consignee.

    "Dangerous goods" refers to the goods specified in the Carriage of Dangerous Goods and Use of Transportable Pressure Equipment Regulations (CDG) and Administrative Data Research UK (ADR). These goods include explosives, radioactive material, toxic and flammable material, and any other goods posing a similar risk.

    "Demurrage" refers to any cost or expense incurred by the Carrier as a result of the inappropriate, extreme, or unreasonable detention of any goods belonging to the Carrier.

  3. Application of Conditions
    1. These conditions should be:
      1. mentioned and incorporated in the contract between the two parties
      2. prevail over any inconsistencies in the Customer's purchase order, confirmation of the order, acceptance of a quotation or specification, or implied by law, trade custom, practice, or course of dealing.
    2. The Customer's buy request, or the Customer's acknowledgment of a citation for the service by the Carrier, comprises an offer by the Customer to buy the service mentioned in the offer. No offer set by the Customer will be acknowledged by the Carrier other than:
      1. By a written or verbal affirmation by the Carrier; or
      2. (assuming prior) by the Carrier beginning to offer types of services, when an agreement for the service on specific conditions was established. Any new or standard terms and conditions brought by the Customer will not be entertained.

  4. Terms of Booking
    1. Customers must contact the Carrier by phone or email to make a reservation.
    2. Carrier is required to provide quotations of the Consignment's transportation. This confirmation will be in effect for a period of 7 days or more, depending on the Carrier's discretion.
    3. The Carrier has the authority to decline any booking.
    4. In accordance with condition 2.2. above, the Carrier will begin providing the service under this arrangement to the Customer as soon as it has acknowledged the Customer's proposal.
    5. Services will continue until either the Consignment is delivered to its destination or the arrangement is terminated.

  5. Terms of Sub-Contracting
    1. The Customer certifies that he owns or has permission from the owner to accept these conditions on behalf of the owner.
    2. To fulfil the contract, the Carrier may subcontract another transporter to deliver the Consignment to the Consignee. The name of each and every other such transporter shall be given upon request.
    3. Carrier contracts for itself and as agent for its servants and agents, all other carriers referred to in 2) above, and their servants and agents. Every reference in these Conditions to "the Carrier" shall benefit from the contract and its terms and conditions.
    4. The Carrier arranges for the carriage of any Consignment by rail, sea, inland waterway, or air to be carried out by a third party and is subject to the conditions of the third party contracted to carry the Consignment. Any damage or delay shall be deemed to have occurred while the Consignment was being transported by road unless the Carrier proves otherwise.

  6. Conditions for Dangerous Goods
    1. The Carrier is not obliged to transport any Dangerous Goods or Consignment.
    2. Under no circumstances must the Customer send a Consignment containing any Dangerous Goods employing the Carrier without uncovering this data to the Carrier prior.
    3. The Customer is answerable to determine whether the substances in the Consignment are dangerous or prohibited goods within the UK or the Consignee's country.
    4. If the Customer sends or attempts to send Dangerous Goods, prohibited or restricted products, the Customer may be held liable. The Customer needs to arrange for reimbursement to all the workers and agents in case of misfortune caused by their Consignment.
    5. Suppose the Customer sends a Consignment containing any Dangerous Goods, prohibited or restricted products. In that case, the Carrier may manage the Consignment with utmost responsibility, including annihilating or in any case discarding such Parcel or Consignment, or even returning the Consignment to the Customer. However, the Carrier is entitled to charge for its additional service.
    6. In addition, the Customer will be held liable for any damages resulting from the carriage of Dangerous Goods that have not been declared as Dangerous Goods or have been subjected to improper packaging and labelling by the Customer.
    7. If the carriage accepts to transport dangerous goods, the Customer is responsible for labelling and packaging the goods as per the regulatory requirements.
    8. The Carrier has full authority to open and inspect the goods.

  7. Terms of Delivery
    1. The Customer is responsible for ensuring that the Consignment has been properly packed and stored to be dispatched.
    2. The Carrier will make every reasonable effort to ensure that Consignments are delivered on time as informed to the Customer, but it is agreed that such times are only estimates and time will not be of the essence.
    3. The Consignment will be considered delivered when the Carrier has finished dropping it at the Consignee Address, and proof of conveyance and a mark have been obtained.

  8. Terms of Loading and Unloading
    1. The Carrier will not be obligated to provide any other equipment or labour for stacking or emptying the Consignment.
    2. The Customer agrees to reimburse the Carrier for any failure or unacceptability of equipment used in loading and unloading the vehicle.
    3. For loading and unloading, the Customer needs to ensure that there is adequate access to the locations and there is a solid hard surface for stacking and dumping the Consignment.
    4. The Carrier will have no liability to the Customer in the event that the Carrier is instructed to utilize special equipment to load and unload any Consignment which then the Customer fails to provide to the Carrier.
    5. It is the Customer's responsibility to reimburse the Carrier against any and all damages, costs, and expenses that the Carrier may incur as a result of providing assistance with loading and unloading. Any loss or damage incurred due to the following of the Customer, Consignee, or their servant instructions are also to be compensated by the Customer.
    6. It is the Customer's responsibility to carry out such risk evaluation.
    7. When requested by the Carrier, the Customer shall provide the Carrier with details of any risk assessments that may have been conducted during the collection and/or in the delivery phase.

  9. Customer's Responsibility
    1. The Customer needs to ensure that:
    2. The Consignment doesn't harm the environment, human population, or wildlife in any way possible.
    3. Any sensible guidelines related to the Consignment are provided to the Carrier relating to care, safety, and security.
    4. If the Carrier has a reasonable need for data and materials to fulfil its contractual obligations, it will provide those data and materials, ensuring that they are complete and accurate in every respect.
    5. Any demonstration or oversight by the Customer, or any disappointment by the Customer to perform any applicable commitment ("Customer Default"), will delay, obstruct or delay the Carrier's presentation of its commitments under the contract.
    6. Carrier reserves the right to suspend execution of its obligations until the Customer cures the Customer Default.
    7. Any expenses or losses incurred by the Customer as a direct or indirect result of the Carrier's inability to perform or postpone in performing any of its obligations due to the Customer's oversight will not be borne by the Carrier.
    8. In accordance with applicable legislation, the Customer shall ensure that the Consignment is packed and labelled securely and properly so that it is unlikely to injure or damage any person and/or property.
    9. The Customer is responsible for any loss or damage to the Carrier's vehicles or trailers while at the collection or delivery location.

  10. Terms for Undelivered Consignment
    1. Carriers are required to notify Customers and Consignees of any undeliverable or unclaimed Consignment if they are unable to make delivery. It will be removed from the Carrier's vehicle the following day and stored in a location of the Carrier's choosing (extra charges might be caused for capacity and charged to the Customer). However, this does not apply if the Customer collects the Consignment himself/herself or if instructions are given for the return of extra transportation (for which there will be an additional charge) within ten working days of the notice being given to the Customer.
    2. For any unclaimed or undelivered consignment, the Carrier may charge the Customer for selling or destroying the Consignment.
    3. In case of an unclaimed consignment, the Carrier can proceed with the sale of the Consignment to cover up the expense incurred transportation, storage, loading, unloading, and disposal of the Consignment.

  11. Charges
    1. The Carrier's charges will be payable by the Customer without regard to the Carrier's rights against the Consignee or any other individual. Except for when the Consignment is dispatched under "carriage forward" conditions.
    2. Under the "carrier forward" condition, if the Consignee fails to pay for the Consignment, the charges for the service are the sole responsibility of the Customer.
    3. Charges for the service should be payable without any delay. The Customer is responsible for paying for the service within 30 days from the date mentioned in the receipt. The Carrier is entitled to charge interest for late payment. The interest will accrue on a daily basis at a rate recommended by the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998.
    4. Unless otherwise agreed with the Customer at the time of booking, the Carrier will not be required to obtain a signed or other types of evidence of conveyance (including photographic confirmation) of the Consignment from the Consignee. The Customer will retain no instalment if the Carrier is not able to prove the conveyance.
    5. If the Consignment is not ready at the agreed-upon collection time, the Carrier retains whatever authority is required to charge such expenses as informed in the citation given.
    6. The Carrier's charges are subject to change to represent any variation in its expenses, including (but not limited to) variations in compensation, cost of materials, fuel cost, conversion scale vacillations, modification of obligations, Local Authority rates, National Insurance and other work expenses, VAT and other expenses.
    7. The Carrier will be entitled to receive additional charges from the Customer if the Carrier provides assistance other than what was originally agreed upon, including (without limitation) assistance outside of working hours, making deliveries to locations other than Delivery Address, or outside of the time at which the Carrier is to pick up or transport the Consignment.

  12. Cancellation
  13. It is required that cancellations be made within 24-hours of placing the order. You may be charged a handling fee if you cancel your service before the contract's expiration date. The handling fee is calculated based on the initial work done or the length of time remaining. This will be charged at the monthly rate, regardless of how long the original contract was in effect at the time. In addition, The Carrier reserves the right to charge an early cancellation fee at their discretion.

  14. Privacy Policy
  15. According to this policy (as well as our terms of service and any other documents referred to therein), any personal data the Customer provides the Carrier with will be processed on the basis of this policy. In order to fully understand the privacy policy views and practices regarding Customer's personal data and the way it will be treated, please read through: By filling out an enquiry form on the site, the Customer is providing the Carrier with information about the Customer's requirement. Please be assured that the Carrier will only use this information to respond to the Customer's inquiries. If the Customer reports a problem with the website, the Carrier may ask for additional information. The information is stored in the email system, and the Customer has the right to request that emails are deleted to secure their information. The Customer's ID must be uploaded to comply with AML Legislation. The records must be kept for seven years after the service has been terminated due to this specific regulation. According to the company, data is GDPR compliant and stored on a secure server in the United Kingdom. It will never be shared or sold to a third party. Carrier collects information that the Customer provides when registering on the website, subscribes to the service, posts material, or asks for additional services, such as the email address. The Customer has the right to withdraw consent at any time by deleting their account to secure their information. Carrier keeps track and record of the transactions the Customer makes by using the Carrier's service and how they are fulfilled. Carrier's email system and the WordPress database keep track of this information. The Customer has full right to delete their account to secure their contact details; however, the transaction details are not deleted. Customer's information, including but not limited to traffic data, location data, weblogs and other communication data (whether this is required for Carrier's billing purposes or otherwise), and the resources that the Customer accesses are all included in the information collected by the Carrier and stored in Google Analytics account.

  16. Terms of Loss & Damage
    1. The Carrier will only be liable for those losses/damage to the Consignment or in connection to it, where the damage is a direct result of the Carrier's negligence. Further, the Carrier will only be responsible for the damage to the extent of the negligence.
    2. The Carrier will be liable for the physical loss, damage, or misdelivery of the Consignment containing money, securities, living creatures, stamps, precious stones, or precious metals only if:
      1. the Carrier agreed in writing to carry such items
      2. the Customer agreed in writing to compensate the Carrier for all additional costs resulting from carrying such items
      3. the loss or damage occurred during carriage and due to the negligence of the Carrier or its agents, contractors, or employees
    3. The Carrier will not be responsible for any loss or damage to or in connection with the Consignment when it arose from acts, causes, events, or circumstances beyond the Carrier's control. These include but are not limited to:
      1. any results of war, invasion, rebellion, or destruction/damage under the order of authorities
      2. forfeiture due to legal procedures
      3. error, act, or misrepresentation by the Customer or the other owner of the Consignment or other people related to them
      4. inherent liabilities, faulty designs, defects, or natural deterioration of the Consignment
      5. any specific handling requirements for the Consignment that weren't reported to the Carrier
      6. improper packing or labelling
      7. riots, strikes, lockouts, or restraint of labor
      8. earthquake, flood, storm, fire, pandemic
      9. vehicle breakdown, road accidents, road congestion, or lack of delivery instructions from girl
      10. delivery not being accepted by the Consignee in a reasonable amount of time
    4. Under no conditions will the Carrier be liable for damages/losses to the Consignment or in connection with it if they arise after the transit period, whether or not caused by the Carrier or anyone connected to the Carrier.
    5. The Carrier will not be required to have the Consignment insured.

  17. Fraud
  18. The Carrier will not be liable in any way whatsoever for a consignment when there is some fraud on the part of the Customer, the owner, or the agents of either.