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Dedicated Hand-Carry Service

At Crest Couriers, we like to make you feel at home. We treat your packages like they are our own, we handle them with care, and we deliver them around the nation. But we understand that sometimes that is not enough. Sometimes, you need that extra peace of mind, that personal touch, that one more level of surety. And we've got you covered.

We Care For Your Items

Our Hand-Carry services are made for people who prefer one person handling their parcel throughout the delivery process. Our couriers handle your parcel exclusively and board all transportation vessels with the parcel in their hands. If your delivery is by road, one courier will supervise everything from the pick-up to drop off. If the delivery is via air, our operative will personally board the flight and carry the parcel in hand until it safely reaches its destination.

Why Choose Our Hand-Carry Service?

It's always wise to be cautious instead of taking any risks with sensitive or confidential items. Often, couriers tamper with parcels for policy malpractice or just regulatory inspections, but not us. We make sure your parcel, no matter the size, stays in the hands of one courier until it has been delivered.

Crest Courier's Hand-Carry Service is just a call away! Reach us now and book a door-door delivery tailored to your requirements.

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