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Fragile Goods Delivery

Crest Couriers understands the importance of dealing with delicate products professionally and competently. When a slight mishap can lead to devastating consequences, you need a team like Crest Couriers that specializes in handling sensitive goods. Any product that can be labelled as fragile, hazardous, risky, dangerous, or one that requires extreme maintenance like refrigeration demands utmost care and superior management. And our drivers give you precisely that with their years of extensive experience and prowess.

Hazardous Goods

Thanks to our vast fleet of vehicles, ranging from small vans to large trucks, we can transport any kind of hazardous goods around the UK. Our team is trained to handle these parcels, and our experience in the industry lends us with more than enough expertise to take good care of your sensitive goods.

If you work in manufacturing or any other labour-intensive journey, then dealing with chemicals, substances, batteries, etc., is a routine part of the job. It's not easy storing these chemicals in the first place, so imagine the difficulty that comes with transporting them. You need an experienced and reliable courier for adequate delivery of your hazardous goods, and Crest Couriers is the perfect choice. Your goods are always safe with us.

Specialized Delivery

Sometimes, goods aren't hazardous or dangerous, but they require an added layer of protection. Many medicines and chemicals need to be kept at a certain temperature to prevent contamination. Crest Couriers has a dedicated team and set of vehicles ready for every kind of Temperature-Controlled delivery. Because of our proficiency, our couriers are able to deal with goods that need to be refrigerated for storage, no matter their volume or risk.

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We've made the process to book a delivery for your fragile goods as effortless as possible. Our drivers are just 2 hours away from your facility throughout the nation for safe extraction of your hazardous goods. Our team will reach the pick-up spot and safely load the goods into the van of your choice, temperature-controlled or not, and we'll drive without any stops. Our drivers will keep you updated throughout the journey, so you always know where your parcel is. Rest assured, the parcel, as long as it's with us, will always remain in safe hands.

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