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The Risks Involved in Shipping Artwork


Artists and owners of art galleries know only too well the risks involved in shipping precious artwork through traditional or national mail and delivery services. Often, incredibly detailed and intricate works of art arrive at their intended destination broken or bent, causing disappointment to the buyer and an actual pain to the artist who put their heart, soul, and loads of time into making that singular piece.

What’s worse is that the artist or the gallery owner receive no compensation for their loss, simply because these mainstream courier services do not provide any insurance.

There are too many concerns when you need to make a delivery, ranging from how much will it cost to when will it reach the intended location to if it can be delivered to the exact spot you want. The last thing an art gallery owner wants is to worry about the artwork’s safety and security.

Artwork can often be fragile, made at odd angles, and in strange sizes. Art is truly based only on the artist’s inspiration, but when that artwork needs transporting, it comes down to the practicality, sane-headedness, and thoroughness of the couriers responsible for delivering it. Any slight on the part of the courier company can result in an immense loss for multiple parties.

Private courier companies provide professional services, making it their priority to deliver intact and unscratched packages. They even offer insurance covering any losses that may be incurred during delivery. However, that scenario does not even occur because they take multiple steps to safeguard the artwork.

But what are these steps? These steps can include the use of crates, foams, and void packing.

Firstly, as artworks can be huge, they need crates that are made especially for them. These crates are sturdy and robust and may be of any thickness. They are appropriately lined with cushions or other materials and may also have wheels and handles.

But creates alone are not enough. Before artwork can go into a container, cases have to be lined with foam that ensures the articles do not move at all. It serves as an added protection whose thickness is adjusted as required.

Void packing involves creating a cushion of air to protect the artwork before it goes in a crate. Vibration cannot pass through this space containing air, and this provides utmost protection to fragile items.

Through these steps, specialized courier services ensure that valuable pieces of art reach their destination safely.

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