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Rise in Food Delivery Services


The demand for hot, delicious, and one-click-away food was never as high in history as it is now. With quick delivery options, more and more people are choosing to order food to their homes and workplaces instead of going out.

Preference for online delivery options over visiting and shopping from brick-and-mortar shops is not limited to the food industry; it is a trend visible across all industries. According to statistics released by Eurostat, e-sales have been seeing a rise since 2009.

Restaurant food delivery really became a hit due to third-party services that provide customers food on their doorsteps. These couriers leave no stone unturned in ensuring quality service, as restaurants are very particular about getting the best quality delivery service to ensure customer satisfaction.

Customers’ decisions are based around convenience, but that is not all. While they want food delivered to their homes quickly, they also expect a certain degree of quality for the additional delivery charges they pay. That is to say, food spillages, temperature inconsistencies, or appearance problems are not tolerated.

In fact, businesses can lose loyal customers quickly due to bad delivery experiences. Today, there are countless international food chains and local restaurants offering local and exotic cuisines. After even a single bad experience at any stage of ordering food, people write off restaurants forever. Sometimes, they even take to social media to rant about their negative experiences with a restaurant, severely impacting a restaurant’s sales. Thus, to retain customers and provide quality, restaurant owners work with top food couriers who guarantee timely and safe deliveries.

Since customers prefer delivery and takeaway to dine-in, a new kind of restaurant has sprouted up. Established physical brands often introduce these ‘dark kitchens,’ which do not have any consumer sitting area. They cook food solely for delivery purposes. Since customers trust the brands who introduced these restaurants, they are quick to order food from them, which is then delivered through food couriers.

From the success of the dark kitchens, it becomes apparent that the food delivery culture is here to stay and will keep on growing in the future. With the coronavirus outbreak in 2020, the food delivery sector, like all courier services, has seen a massive upsurge. It is likely that the food delivery sector will stay as strong as ever, even after the pandemic has subsided.

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